In this page, we will talk about the people who passed away from eating any of the 5 poisonous flowers.

Monkshood= Nathan Greenway, a 33-year old from Mill Court House in Alton, died in the hospital 5 days from multiple organ failures.

Oleander= Alexei and Peter Wiltsey, a 2 and 3 year old from El Segundo, were found dead in their cribs.

Wolfsbane= Andre Noble, a 25 year old actor, passed away from accidentally eating the plant on a camping trip.

Foxglove= No one has died from this plant.

Nightshade= Their are more death accounts on this flower more than any of the flowers, but the most important people that were all laid to rest were Macbeth, King of Scotland, Emperor Augustus of Rome, and Emperor Claudius of Rome.